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Seaplane Pilot Training in Canada

Why choose Island Air

Island air is a Transport Canada 703 Air taxi Operator.  All of our pilots have a minimum of 1000 hours Pilot in Command on floats.  (Many flight schools only have the minimum of 50 Pilot in Command hours)  Our pilots are carrier Seaplane pilots that have extensive knowledge of the West Coast, including weather, area and incredible wilderness destinations that must be seen while you are here.  

Island Air’s Chief pilot also is a Transport Canada Authorized Person for signing the float endorsement when your training is complete.  (You will not have to wait for the endorsement to arrive in the mail)

We offer three options that can be changed to suite your needs.

1) Explore the Coast (for pilots or Non Pilots)

This is the course for someone that is looking for a real adventure.  No pilot’s licence is required. Read Magazine Article

During our time we will explore the Coast and see what it has to offer.  We can visit natural hot springs, see the largest totem pole on the west coast, visit remote villages, stop at waterfalls and lakes to fish and swim.  We can stop at countless places such as Tofino, Gold River, Zeballos, Friendly Cove, Chatterbox Falls, Whistler and many more.  You choose the destinations.

Please note that if you do have a Pilots licence we can use this time towards your Seaplane endorsement.  

2) Basic Float Endorsement (7-12 hours)

We will introduce you to the basics of floatplane operation including, preflight inspections , launching, taxiing techniques, aircraft handling in flight, docking, ramping, take off and landings, on beautiful mountain lakes and ocean inlets.  

Our basic training program follows Transport Canada Guidelines, and includes the minimum of 7 hours and the 5 take-offs and landings as the sole occupant.

Note: there is no charge for ground briefings

3) Advanced Float program

(25-50 hours including the basic program)

After you complete the basic endorsement it is time to increase the challenge.  

At Island Air we like to do this by taking our students to many of the places that we fly  to on charters.

We will fly out to ocean inlets on the West Coast and stop at the docks that we fly to on a regular basis. 

You will learn how to deal with the b tides, large waves, and confined docking situations that present themselves in the real world of seaplane flying.  We will also stop at small high altitude lakes to teach the techniques for dealing with the plane’s reduced performance in these situations.  

Note: there is no charge for ground briefings





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