Island Air - Float Plane Vacations

Island-Air All-Inclusive Vacations.


Are children allowed?
Yes. Children are welcome when accompanied by an adult.

How fit do I need to be ?
Fitness is not an issue. If you can walk, you are fit enough for this type of vacation. The level of activity at your campsite is up to you.

Do I need to be healthy?
Yes. Health is important. If you have a serious illness that requires specialized treatment and supplies (for example, oxygen) or you require ready access to emergency services, the BC wilderness is not the place for you. Visit our BC and Vancouver Island Information page to find more suitable activities for your stay. Vancouver Island has a wealth of activites for everyone, regardless of age or physical ability.

Do I need to have wilderness camping experience?
Experience is relatively important; while you may be as little as a 30-minute flight away from our base, you are in the wilderness, surrounded by dense forest with no roads. At least one person in your group should have some wilderness camping experience. As this is a true wilderness location, this is not a good "first" camping trip. If you have never camped before, get some practical experience in before you book with us.

Can I check my E-mail?
If you can't bear the thought of missing the news or your favorite TV program, then this trip is not for you. There are no flush toilets, no hot showers, no hotels, no movie theaters, no convenience stores, no pizza delivery, no ambulances, no roads, no street lights, no people and no television here. Ah, so peaceful! There is also no traffic, no wailing sirens, no blaring music, no ringing phones, and no email. Sorry.




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